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Predictions for 2022: risks and new threats to cybersecurity

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Due to the increase in the number of people online using digital services during the pandemic, fraud, data breaches and security breaches have emerged in recent years. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of their computers, servers, and electronic systems.

Understanding cyber security trends in 2022 is one way to find solutions that make everyone's environment safer. Ultimately, we know that cybercriminals are always aware of system vulnerabilities in order to invade and use information in a harmful way.

According to experts from the privileged access management consultancy BeyondTrust, based on technological changes, the habits of threat actors, culture and decades of experience, they presented predictions about the threat factors that can affect global organizations. next year:

  • The first prediction is about space travel: Experts indicate that with the great wave of space tourism, phishing attacks and fake websites are expected to appear on social media and the Internet.

  • 2022 will be the most difficult year for the current cybersecurity talent shortage, leading to increased salaries for cybersecurity professionals at all levels.

  • 5G is the protagonist for the third prediction: they claim that consumers can expect new devices to have mobile capabilities or that they can do so to provide services beyond local networks and Wi-Fi.

  • Experts noted that a new extortion model will emerge in 2022. They stated that organizations should expect ransomware to become increasingly personalized and involve different types of devices, such as the Internet of Things, as well as company personnel.

  • Lastly they point to supply chain attacks, as device supply chain and development processes become more complex, the attack surface will only increase.

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