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Incorporating automation with Sandra
is taking the protection of your organization to another strategic level.


A conversational platform that notifies the user, making it possible for them to interact in the event of a security incident, defining the flow of analysis and response, while automating a series of operational activities. Its threat detection focuses on covering the entire surface of known and unknown attacks, proving that detecting them is no longer an unattainable challenge. 



Use cases of Automated Response


Phishing emails proccesed monthly


Endpoint alerts proccesed, notified and/or contained automatically

Threat intelligence sources

90+ intelligence sources and integration with custom sources.

Incident Respond Plataform (IRP)

Classification of events by stages according to the cybersecurity model.


Improved detection capability

Querying and managing alerts with specific workflows, thereby reducing false positives.

SOAR Security workflows

35+ automated response streams and growing.

Chat bot

SMS, WhatsApp, Call phone.

Advanced Pishing detection

Image text extraction (OCR), IOC detection in images.

Vulnerabilities prioritization

Responds and prioritizes the most critical vulnerabilities.

Sandra 2.0

Working Team

A team of engineers with expertise in I+D


Comparative analysis with previous incidents of similar characteristics (Machine Learning).

Incident HUB

Advanced use of alerts and workflow execution.

Talk with an Expert

Ask for advice and support in the design, implementation, maintenance and support cybersecurity strategies.
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