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MSS & MDR Services

The best prevention of cyber risks

We combine tools and knowledge of digital security

Intelligence Driven Security Operation Center (idSOC) methodology by Gartner

DigiSOC is the leader of iSOC in Latin America thanks to its superior vision, based on Gartner's idSOC methodology. DigiSOC is an expert in having all the best technologies, the best human talent and best practices

DigiSOC (Digiware Security Operation Center), has security operations centers in Bogotá, Medellín, Lima and Miami. They work 7x24x365, responsible for supporting all the digital security challenges in the technical, organizational and process of our clients, using cognitive skills (Machine Learning).


DigiSOC is the fifth provider of managed security (MSSP) in Latin America by Frost & Sullivan, and the first in Latin America in SOC's vision for the audit conducted by HPE at the global SOC level.

DigiSOC develops a unique ability to detect, analyze and respond to incidents.

Movimiento borroso

The new era of information framed in digital transformation is generating unprecedented attacks, DigiSOC develops cognitive skills. Our idSOC works in an automated way thanks to SANDRA (Advanced Risk Warning and Warning System), and a Machine Learning application in digital security and advanced threat detection, through BRAINIAC predictive security.

We respond against advanced threats in the shortest time of the industry


is the growth of cyber threats


malware detections  
within a Company

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The knowledge of the risks

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Meet SANDRA Artificial Intelligence

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Meet ISR.

Business Decisions


MSS & MDR Services


Managed Detection and Response

  • Devices Security Monitoring

  • EDR

  • User Behavior Monitoring

  • Network Behaivor Monitoring

  • NForensic

  • Deception



  • CASB

  • Portal Protection

  • Smart Backup

  • Secure E-mail

  • Secure Browsing

  • Secure Browsing Complete

  • Secure Browsing Plus


Managed Security Services

  • Security Management

  • Virtual Patching

  • Security Awareness

  • Outsourcing




  • Brand Protection

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • VIP Executive Social Monitoring

  • Pitia - Dark Monitoring

  • Security Ratings

  • Vulnerability Management

Ask for advice and support in the design, implementation, maintenance and support cybersecurity strategies.

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