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DIGISOC® Strengthens its leadership in Cybersecurity with Germán Martínez as the new Executive Direc

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field and just the inclusion of the new director brings an innovative perspective and a solid vision to further solidify DIGISOC®'s leadership position in this exciting industry.

John Galindo (CEO) Digisoc, with Germán Martínez
John Fernando Galindo (CEO), together with Germán Martínez, the new Executive Director of DIGISOC®.

DIGISOC®, which is developing its seed round of investment for USD 3 million to develop its business plan in the US and complete its vision as a leader of MDR & manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions, welcomes Germán Martinez as its new Executive Director as part of this plan.

Germán Martínez joins bringing vast experience in the exponential growth of value in the companies he has led, he was president of Productos Ramo S.A. demonstrate his ability to guide companies towards excellence and sustainable growth, as well as his role as Executive Vice President of Procafecol (Juan Valdez Café) in which he supported the national and international expansion of Juan Valdez stores, and his position as Executive Vice President of Coosalud, supporting its profitable and accelerated growth, was finally the leader of the merger of Bavaria and SABMiller, the most important investment transaction in the history of Colombia.

Germán Martínez Executive Director of DIGISOC®.
Germán Martínez is recognized for his ability to consolidate, expand and mature businesses, as well as align and build high performance teams.

Martínez has demonstrated his ability to lead consolidation and expansion processes of companies in Colombia. He is an entrepreneur of the (Bruder Corplannig Brewery), he has also left his mark as a member of several boards of directors of important companies from different sectors such as Technology, Real Estate, Construction, Cosmetics, Food, Associations and Foundations.

Definitely, the combination of his experience in strategic planning, execution and team building, supports his ability to lead in the competitive field of cybersecurity.

DIGISOC® with this movement takes a key step for the expansion of the startup, it achieved a turnover of 6.5 million USD with a growth of more than 52% during 2022, including net profit.

Finally, DIGISOC® customers can anticipate an even stronger and more reliable experience, backed by the professionalism of the new leadership.

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